Kristin Fox

Kristin Fox is sometimes a founder and sometimes a funder. She is always a master networker and passionate connector of human dots. Her current companies include FoxInspires, which focuses on education for alternative investment managers and professional institutions, including endowments, foundations, family offices and pension funds. As a FinFoundHer co-founder her dream is to help women entrepreneurs learn how to get the right funding for their companies and thrive so that they too can become funders.

Holly Glowaty

Holly Glowaty is a serial entrepreneur as co-founder of K+H Connection, a branded currency consulting firm, Flourish Conference and FinFoundHer. She is passionate about helping female-lead companies thrive by giving them access to information, capital and community.  

Kristen Thiry

Kristen Thiry is a Fortune 500 manager turned entrepreneur. After working for several large organizations for nearly a decade, she took the leap into entrepreneurship and never looked back. Over three years later and the co-founder of three startups, Kristen is a fervent believer in blazing your own trail and helping other women do the same.


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