Growth Hacking

Presented by Helen Yu

Trust Your Gut: Women and Risk

Presented by Meg McKeen

Getting In the Merge Lane

Presented by Rob Griggs

Mapping the Deal

Presented by Amy Toepper

Culture Starts Day One

Presented by Jennifer Morris

Talent Retention

Presented by Jennifer Morris

Building a Compensation and Insurance Structure

Presented by Allison Porter

Take it to the Bank!

Presented by Kristine Parker, Debra Guisinger, Jill Airaki

A Financial Model for all Seasons

Presented by Kathy Knapp

Good Governance: Playing Well with Your Fellow Travelers

Presented by Kristi LaVeau

The Bootstrapper: Getting to the Summit on Your Own Steam

Presented by Karen Goldner

Raising Capital: Which Path to Take

Presented by John Choi, Kristi LaVeau

“Selling a Business Checklist" (Additional Documents from Velocity Law, LLC)

Nancy Fallon-Houle


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